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Know which applications to move, what to retire, and how to get them to the cloud.

. We’ll assess cloud readiness for up to 10 applications and in just 3-5 weeks bring together the facts and guidance for your application cloud migration decisions.

What you'll get:

  • Rapid data collection, cleansing, normalization and aggregation.
  • Visual dependency diagrams for server, application, database and network.
  • Application rationalization reports.
  • Discovery dashboards. Data export. Data gap analysis.
  • Workload right-sizing and Cloud TCO analysis.
Step 1

 Step 1

The TDS team will quickly aggregate and normalize siloed data sources to provide a clear view of your application environment through the powerful TransitionManager platform.

Validate data through interviews

Step 2

TDS will validate application data through brief interviews with your subject matter experts. Cloud architects deploy automated discovery and capacity analysis tools to analyze, right-size and determine TCO for workloads in the cloud.


Step 3

Review existing architectures and rationalize your applications – delivering informative application rationalization reports, tailored to address your goals and your environment.

Watch this video to see how Application Readiness works


Guidance for your cloud migration decisions

Complete project on time and on budget

Complete project on time and on budget

When you team up with TDS you team up with the the best in the business

Team up with the best in the business 

Accelerate your stalled cloud transformation

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