Strategies for Faster Cloud Adoption in 2020

Whether you’re starting your cloud journey, adopting a multi-cloud strategy, or need to accelerate your progress, this 30 minute discussion will show you how to create an adoption plan that aligns IT with the business strategy and helps you to get there faster--without downtime--using TransitionManager.


Is your environment a complex web of dependencies and legacy apps? No problem. Learn how your team can visualize all your data in one view, tag what goes where, and follow proven strategies to move to the cloud without disrupting other services.


You'll learn how to:

Aggregate and view all the data you need – and only the data you need
Group assets, prioritize workloads and plan migration events
Automate workflows & eliminate the risk of unplanned outages

Meet the Hosts

Pete Steere:

Global Trainer for TransitionManager

Sue Dunnell: 

Product Marketing Director for TDS


About this event

You'll see why using an app-centric approach to understanding dependencies across hybrid environments allows you to build a plan and move assets without bringing other systems down.

  • View this webinar replay to learn how  to: 
  • Understand app complexity and incorporate data from cloud sizing, assessment, and cost tools
  • Apply business criteria to assets to make consistent decisions
  • Visually identify and group assets based on complexity, cloud target, business unit, or other factors

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