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  • Streamline your ingestion and integration of data and tools
  • Use automation to manage the human and automated tasks in complex work projects

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Tom Maida

Director of SaaS and Cloud Applications, TDS. AWS Certified.

Steve Molloy

Stephen Molloy

Senior Solutions Architect, TDS


"TransitionManager is a great tool. It facilitates communications, and that's critical. It ensures that we keep everybody - partners, peers, up the toolchain - all on the same page."

LifeWay Christian Resources

Tim Hill, Senior Vice President and CIO, LifeWay Christian Resources



Accurate and actionable data to make better decisions.



Automated tasks for execution without disruption to business.



Create a custom toolchain using products you already own.

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TransitionManager is the only platform that provides a single, consolidated view of all of your IT assets and application-level dependencies.

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