Disaster Recovery Webinar Replay

Getting to the End Zone: How to Create an Effective, On-Demand DR Plan

Don't wait until a disaster to start your DR plan.


Because an Outage Will Happen

The New England Patriots didn't become six-time Superbowl Champs by having the best playbooks sitting on a shelf. They know that their plans need to change depending on their opponent, unexpected injuries, or even the weather. 

To support Digital Transformation, IT teams must be agile and adaptive to an ever-changing business environment. You need a DR plan that protects critical applications no matter what the cause - when you make every day changes or get hit with a major disaster.

In this session and demo you'll learn how to:

  • Build a recovery plan for complete site failover
  • Build a plan you can USE, not store on a shelf
  • Integrate DR with day-to-day incident management
  • Capture all steps from detection of outage to recovery 
  • Identify downtime RTO and data loss RPO based on impact to business

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Meet the speaker: Sue Dunnell

Product Marketing Director, TDS



Meet the speaker: Pete Steere

Global Trainer for TransitionManager