Nine tips to improve your IT environment resiliency now

What's insulating your business from disruption? Can you be sure that critical business and user applications are always available – even in the midst of technical changes? 

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Scaffolding Helps IT Teams Find the Zone of Proximal Development

Posted by Pete Steere

Two fundamental concepts in education are scaffolding (developed by Jerome Bruner) and the Zone of Proximal Development (developed by Leo Vygotsky).  The Zone of Proximal Development is, as the name suggests, an intangible zone where learners can gain new knowledge on their own by tapping into previous knowledge.  Scaffolding is a teaching technique that allows all learners, regardless of previous knowledge, to be able to enter into the Zone of Proximal Development. As I work with IT staff and managers to train them on the use of our software tool, TransitionManager, it’s fun to see their excitement as they navigate through task-driven lab exercises and hang out in the Zone of Proximal Development.

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Cloud Migration Could Be Your Dress Rehearsal for IT Disaster Recovery

Hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes may be pretty rare (thank goodness) but day-to-day threats can destroy data and ruin a business. That’s why it is critical for all businesses to have a current, active disaster recovery (DR) plan. But don’t panic. If you’ve completed a cloud migration project, perhaps it was your dress rehearsal and your chance to see how well prepared you really are.

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Mergers, Acquisitions and Missed Hockey Games

Posted by Tom Maida

by Tom Maida

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